All of Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre’s programming is based on the belief that an individual’s personal vision is the driving force for attaining growth.

The Entrepreneurial Decision-Making Cycle is the foundation of the Centre’s programming and is a natural, logical approach used to help individuals reach an informed decision and achieve success.

This process can be applied by:

  • Individuals in defining occupational strategies, creating ventures such as businesses and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Organizations to define corporate and human resources strategies by maximizing employee potential.
  • Communities to define economic, educational, and recreational strategies.

The process can be followed in order, or at any point along the way. It is important to consider each step in the cycle before making a final decision and to use the process in thought, action and reflection. This reflection provides a continual focus on the achievement of the vision and is designed to ensure that focus and necessary adjustments in plans are made.