Strategic Planning for not for prodit organization in Nova Scotia

Strategic Planning for Non-Profits
Strategic Planning for Non-Profits can range from teaching the process for implementation or as complex as conducting the entire process. Whether working with an organizations Board or Staff, we can provide various support based on your needs and budget.

Five step approach for Strategic Planning

Our facilitation team invests the time up front to get to know your organization, our planning context and will keep you involved with every step of the project. We are firm believers that planning should involve your stakeholders, and we work hard to gather the insights that matter from them, so your team can make better, more informed decisions. Our facilitators know how to keep your diverse team engaged during planning meetings, and will deliver relevant, timely and digestible information along the way.


Final Product 

The final product that we deliver to clients is a comprehensive, living strategic document and corresponding final presentation to the Board and Key Stakeholders that includes the following components:

  • Planning Context, Background, and Description of Planning Process
  • Organization Vision, Mission and Values
  • Key Strategic Priorities
  • Strategic Goals, Objectives, actions (with timelines, milestones and responsibilities)
  • Operation Consideration
  • Facilitator recommendations
  • Comprehensive appendices complete with all stakeholder engagement results, worksheets, SWOT analyses, and more


Ongoing Support & After-Care

As a community-minded organization, we are here for you not only during the strategic planning process but afterward as well. We are heavily invested in the success of rural community organizations, and we will be available for continued guidance in the months and years following the project’s completion.



Before any contract is signed, our skilled facilitators will meet with your leadership team to begin building context, better understand your organization’s needs, the environment in which you operate, the scale of the project, and if there are project components that can be handled internally by the client. From there, we will build a customized statement of work for the project. Prices and time frame vary based on the needs of the client.

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What our clients are saying:


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“The WBES is a group with many great ideas, however we were struggling to pick a direction and our top priorities. Strategic planning with the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre really helped us align all of our goals and action plans which immediately helped us create a budget and our next steps for the upcoming years.” – Dr. Adrienne Wood, ND, Chair, Windsor Business Enhancement Society. “The Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre was absolutely instrumental in helping our cooperative hone in on our core values, clearly refine our mission and vision, and package our complex organizational affairs into a practical, goal-focused strategic plan that we’re now using to guide our organization moving forward. With the help of the AEC, we learned how to mobilize our greatest assets and strengths and focus on key projects that will help us meet our organizational objectives now and in the future.” – Justin Cantafio, Executive Director Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia.